Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Master Bedroom Reveal

Remember the dirty, dingy, glue-covered walls of the master bedroom?  We sure do.  We've been looking at them for the past two months - and we were sick of them.  So we hunkered down and made a big push to complete the bedroom by the end of the weekend.  With a little help from our friends (thanks Stacey, and mom), we came pretty darn close.  Our deadline bled into the week a little, but the job of piming and painting all the trim, windows, walls and ceiling is officially complete.  

All of our tedious prep work definitely paid off - the walls look amazing and the ceiling is near flawless.  Can't wait until we can start relaxing in this room!

Scroll down to see the progression...

Hi Stacey.

Trimming out the walls with primer.

First coat of wood paint on the windows and the front wall primed.

First coat of wood paint on the trim.

More primer on the front wall.

Only a small section of the ceiling left to prime.

The room fully primed in the morning.

Blair trimming out the ceiling with flat white paint.

Lookin' good.

Ready to paint.

Our main color* edged in along the ceiling and baseboard.
(Color is Sherwin William's Cashmere line of paint in "Latte")

Everything painted!

We obviously need to put the finishing touches on everything, but at least we moved the bed into its appropriate place.

Reading chair (sans seat cushion or slip cover), dresser and TV.

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