Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hamburgers and DIF

Well, it's been a month since we've posted....and not too much has happened. We've been enjoying the half-finished kitchen - had an open house/holiday party (December 08) and have been cooking up a storm. Here are some pics from the party and the delicious hamburgers we made last weekend.

Ikea wine holder.

Name plate Matt's friend at work made.


YUMMY hamburgers - notice we still need countertops and backsplash!


Moving on to the dining room!

We decided to go with a dark purple in the dining room. We'll paint the woodwork white in here so the purple "pops" against the trim. We like the top swatch, middle purple. Of course the wall paper needs taken off. Matt and I started last Sunday and got about half of it off.


And the spare bedroom - we are rushing to get this room done for when my brother in law comes to visit in March!

We are well acquainted with the DIF bottle!

Matt's mom came over a few weeks ago and helped strip the wallpaper. Thanks Ann!

More writing on the wall!

Priming the walls before we spackle. Can't wait to sand these walls....SIKE!

Hopefully we will be posting more often - which means the rooms will be getting done quicker! We have to get the inside done so we can work on the exterior of the house this summer!