Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Human Tornado

The Human tornado...this is my dad's new nickname. He comes in with a fury, demolishes a job (in a good way) and is gone in the blink of an eye. His latest storm was in the back yard and the kitchen.

I get a call a week ago while I was running errands and it goes something like this:

Dad: I am going to start cutting some of these branches off your tree.

Me: Ok, I'll be home in an hour. DON'T get on the ladder by yourself.

Dad: Ok, see you in a bit.


One hour later....

Now we just need to bundle these and get them to the side of the road.

Please note the LADDER! There used to be branches right above where my dad is standing!

The next tornado hit the kitchen. Yesterday before Matt got home from work, my dad and I took out the kitchen sink and sink cabinet so we could start laying the tile floors. Within an hour, we had quarter turn shut-offs on the water supply lines, a sink on the kitchen floor and a cabinet removed from the wall.




Anonymous said...

Howly crab, we should make Frau Giuseppi come over to clean the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blair, this might be the beginning of a part time job for me. I'll get a call from someone wanting something done and I'll eventually get to it. I just hope no one sets me up to tear out a kitchen and find out it's there ex wife kitchen LOL. Love Dad that was very nice posting.