Sunday, May 3, 2009

And on to the exterior....

Now that most of the rooms in the house are complete (except the office), we have moved to the outside. Matt and I really enjoying being outside and so does the new pup, Hudson. The only thing Hudson dislikes is being tugged on a 20 foot leash when we are outside working. So, with some ideas from my dad (who is clearly doing this for the dog, not us :) ) we started building a fence. I'm posting some pics of the backyard and the new fence.

The backyard. Someone came by a picked up the junk behind the fence about an hour after we put it out. Gotta love trash collectors. They probably make more money than I do!

Future spot for the deck we plan on building this summer.

Working until dark!

Matt also put in four 6 ft. fence poles so we can build a gate on both sides of the house.

Our kitchen table doubling as a cutting station for the fence!

Luckily there were already existing poles to screw the 2 x 4's into.

Completed fence! We will most likely replace the existing chain link to the left of the new wood fence...but not this summer!

NOTE: Once things calm down a bit in our lives (summer!), we are going to start scraping and painting the house. Keep your calendars open for a "scraping" party in the near future - pizza and beer will be your payment :)

Another pic of Hudson, just because I am obsessed and he is the cutest accessory to the house so far!!!