Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kitchen Drawers and Bedroom Floors

Even though we promised not to start any more projects until we finish the bathroom and bedroom, we just HAD to take a break from sanding the walls and ceiling.

Demolition is the greatest feeling - partly because you get to take things apart, but mostly because of the visual impact it has on a space (regardless of how little time/effort was required). Here are a couple shots of our kitchen after we removed another section of the floor and wall cabinets. These cabinets were removed in about 15 minutes and while it makes the room look "uglier," the illusion of progress is profound.

The eventual location of our fridge and dishwasher. The wall cabinets will eventually be painted and rehung in the same location.

The yellow tiles on the walls are the same cheap vinyl variety that were found in our bathroom.

Weeks of sanding plaster off the walls can really make you blind. No - not from the plaster dust falling into your eyes, but to "the way things are" in other areas of the house. Tools spread haphazardly about the spare bedroom, an array of wood trim and green board scraps on the kitchen floor, and a fine layer of plaster dust across everything.

We didn't really notice how bad it had gotten until white footprints started appearing in every room and hallway throughout the house. So Saturday night we decided to spend a half-hour and clean the floors in the master bedroom. We swept the majority of the dust into piles with a broom, and then wet-mopped the rest. The results were fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Love the hard wood floors! Are you keeping all the kitchen cabinets and the sink, etc?

Anonymous said...

We had originally planned to replace all the cabinets with new ones, but after realizing that all the doors and drawers are in perfect working order - we decided to refinish them. I will be sanding, priming and painting them with a high-gloss automotive finish where I work.

The sink will stay as well. We will probably have it refinished by the same company that recoated our bathtub.