Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Closet to Envy

It's been a while since we've talked about the closet situation in the house, but I think it's worth noting.  Apparently people from the 1920's didn't like/own lots of clothes.  The closets in our two spare bedrooms are only 40 inches wide, and 18" deep at the most.  Notice the small hooks coming off the wall.  These are pretty common throughout the house since the closets lacked the depth to hang things sideways (like we are used to).  

This is a shot of the closet in the master bedroom - before we did any work to it.  Lucky for us, this closet is very deep and significantly wider than the closets in the other rooms.  It is a true walk-in closet.  As was expected, this room was covered with wallpaper and then painted a lovely shade of yellow-cream.  So we had to scrape more wallpaper and prep the walls for paint.

Fans were crucial in the completion of this room for a few reasons.  First, it provided ventilation for the small space and helped the plaster and paint dry quickly.  Secondly, it replaced the "old, fishy" smell the hanging lamp produces with clean air.  (Don't worry - we're removing the hanging lamp and replacing it with two mini-can lights.)

Mom having fun priming the walls.

And lastly, a couple shots of the finished product.  

We didn't get any progress shots of us hanging the shelving system, but we think everything came out great.  The shelving was the "4-8' Rubbermaid Closet" package.  We had to buy a couple extra 13.75" verticals (and we splurged on the 'Belt and Tie Rack'), but everything else was straight out of the box and SUPER easy to install (thanks for helping, Dad).  We went from four tiny hooks to two rows of short-hang, and a section of long-hang in a couple of hours.

More to come...

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