Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We've come along way....

Second blog of the day....within minutes of each other. This is BIG for us :) I was just glancing through some old pics and realized we have done so much! I'm not trying to pat ourselves on the back, but it makes me realize that we have accomplished something, even though our "to-do" list seems to keep piling up. Here are some good before and after shots.

The lovely kitchen :)

The spare bedroom (before, during and after)

Second Official Visitor

Only 9 more days until my sister gets in from Germany! There are also 9 days until Spring Break, which makes me (and my students) VERY happy. The spare bedroom is finished for the most part. We still need to add details (drawer handles, artwork, decor), but it came together really nice. As my brother-in-law put it - cozy. Although we went with grey walls, it does in fact feel cozy! Here are the most recent pics.

We put a postcard from my sister from Koln (or Cologne) in a frame - makes it cozy :)


The dining room is on its way as well. Matt put the finishing touches on the purple walls tonight and his mom is coming over on Saturday to put up wallpaper on one of the dining room walls. Yes, you did hear that correct. We decided to do ONE wall of wallpaper, despite the fact that we took THREE layers of the stuff off the wall :) Here are the most recent pics. It looks a lot more purply in the pictures - it's much darker in person.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our First Official Visitor

5 rooms down, 2 to go....we are currently working on the spare bedroom and the dining room. Our first official visitor is coming all the way from Germany! No, it's not my's my brother-in-law. I love saying "brother" since I always wanted one! Wasn't as lucky as Matt who has 2 brothers :) In the spare bedroom, we still need to paint the baseboards, doors and windows white. Matt is currently painting the bedroom a "drizzling mist." It's a Valspar color from Lowe's (thanks to his dad who got him a giftcard for his b-day).

Our inspiration for the room started with a poster we bought in San Francisco. I found some pillows at West Elm last summer and we just got a funky rug from Ikea last weekend.

"Drizzling Mist" on the walls.

We are also working on the dining room. The top color on the swatch below is the grayish/purple color we chose. We decided to paint the woodwork white in here as well, to match the kitchen baseboards.

Matt working hard.

Only thing left on the interior will be the office (and some final details in the other rooms). After the inside is finished, we are painting the exterior of the house and planting some shrubs, bushes, and flowers. The exterior has been seriously neglected and we both are excited to work outside when the weather warms up!