Friday, August 1, 2008

Exterior House Colors

Even though this step is a way off (we're thinking next Spring), I wanted to post some exterior color options for everyone to see and comment on. A couple are pretty crazy, but I just threw them together to cover the entire gamut and possible spark other ideas. The green with the deep purple door is our favorite so far, but there's plenty of time to change our mind before we get started.

Model was created in Google's (free) SketchUp program.
Our favorite combination thus far. Not too crazy, but not "just another beige house".


sabo_meenyo said...

i vote for the top right corner...but won't stop suggesting additional color combos. every day. 'til you paint in the spring. :)

CanyonT said...

I'm w/ you on the house color but not the trim... not sure without seeing others w/ it but not digging the purple :)

Aubrey said...

My vote is for the light blue but w/ a dark brown door.

Anonymous said...

A red door is a must have...and I am voting for a bright white exterior paint!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tulane Rehab,

I work for an exterior building products company here in Columbus, and although you aren't looking for siding, we have 10 branded product and color combinations that might give you a jump start on your exterior design process. If you'll email your mailing address I'll send them to you.