Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An end in sight...

Everytime I work on the bathroom, I think it is going to be finished when I leave....but it's not. We are getting really close though. Last night my dad came to sweat it out in the no-air house and we finished the wainscoting, installed the medicine cabinet and bought new chair rail.

Here are some recent pics with my lovely new camera (thanks Matt).

We finally got the Ikea medicine cabinet in place. Yes, the light is a little off center because there was a stud in the way of the electrical box. You really can't notice it when you look at the whole room.

The sink looks a little more centered than the medicine cabinet and the light.

This picture does not do the lights justice. I think they look great, and they are really bright.

We are almost there! The tub is getting a transformation as we speak. Hopefully when I go to the house tonight it will be white and looking beautiful.

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