Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photo Updates

In an effort to get the place in tip-top shape for our appraisal, we solicited the help of friends and family - particularly Brandon, who helped me pretty much all day last Thursday. By 4PM, the place looked AMAZING and it was apparent we couldn't have done it on our own.

I also realized we had accomplish more in 3 days than we did in the past 3 weeks. Here's a list of things we knocked out in under a week:
  • Primed and painted all of the trim in the family room
  • Primed and painted the fireplace tiles white
  • Repainted all of the walls to a new color (which is so much more comforting and inviting)
  • Scraped all of the individual panes on our front and veranda doors
  • Lots of yardwork (including planting mums, mulching, edging, mowing, weed wacking, and raking)
  • Hung artwork (big thanks to Aubs who let us borrow a few fantastic pieces)
  • Installed miscellaneous switch and outlet covers that we had ignored for months but took 2 minutes to complete
  • Mopped floors, cleaned windows, scrubbed sinks, etc....
It's funny how deadlines turn potential into productivity so quickly. Now on to the photos!

Front door with new fall wreath.

Porch with Adirondack chairs and new ceramic planters.

Shot of the front yard with new mums (thanks Mom!).

A few of our kitchen accessories.

Kitchenette area with IKEA table and Urban rug.

Yet another shot of the sink (but with countertops!).

We decided to paint the wall between the counters and the upper cabinets until we install the glass tile backsplash.

Looking from the dining room into the kitchen. (Hint: we'll have a new light fixture in the dining room very soon!)

Freshly painted fireplace, window frames, baseboards and walls.

Another shot of the family room.

The colors of our pillows don't exactly match the painting above the bed, so we're thinking about repurposing them in the office (the last room we need to redo).


E Truitt said...

It really looks great! You guys should be very do beautiful work! I LOVE the colors you picked out. Hope the appraisel goes well.

Kelly said...

LOVE it!

Cristina said...

love love love can't wait to see it in person when I'm home for Thanksgiving!