Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Late, but Beautiful

These roses grow up the vertical trellis on the right-hand side of our porch during the late Spring and early Summer. The photos were taken at the end of May (hence the white siding), but I just came across them on my computer and found them to be too colorful not to post. Enjoy!


Kelly said...

great colour!

sabo_meenyo said...

your "phantom" post showed up on my google reader...and not here. i assume you deleted it b/c you didn't have the picture of the countertops--installed or not. this is an evil trick. i was so damn excited for like .07 seconds. it's bad enough you didn't get them installed before i left town. *sigh.

TulaneRehab said...

Dear Sabo,

Fret not - you can see this full post here:


(No, they are not installed, but instead placed on top of the sub-counter for effect.)

More to come...