Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yellow Walls and Tile Floors

Wanted to post the latest pics of the hallway and kitchen floors. We have one more coat of yellow to do on the hallway walls. We are getting excited to do a really good cleaning of the wood and floors. It's been tough living with so much dust and mess! We also grouted the tile in the kitchen this weekend. Last week we took our kitchen sink to my dad's neighbors (Porcelain Professionals) to have it refinished. So, the kitchen is coming along.


We painted the pantry yellow.

The sink before it was refinished - picking up the finished product tomorrow!

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sabo_meenyo said...

well i've contacted the NAPAUC (national association of people against ugly colors). and not just about your closet. about your whole house. the bank will be repossessing it soon. Laz will LOVE running around and scratching up those beautiful hardwood floors! (in his puffy pumpkin!) :)