Sunday, November 30, 2008

Merry Christmas to Us

There has been some talk of replacing the plumbing in our basement "somewhere down the road," but we were pleased when Blair's dad showed up with tools and supplies in hand the day after Thanksgiving to do it for free. Well, not "free" free (it's our joint Christmas present) - but it's one less item we have to pay for out of our pocket.

Granted, new plumbing isn't exactly a gift either of us would think to ask for, but based on the condition of the old galvanized pipes (see photo below) - we were EXTREMELY excited. Thanks Rodney!

The water supply pipes in our basement were made of galvanized steel (which is very susceptible to corrosion and build-up). This is what nearly 50 linear feet of pipe looked like in our basement. Gross.

Old galvanized pipe running into the house past the water meter. We eventually placed a shutoff valve here to control the water source of the entire home.

The old cold water pipes (which were all replaced) were wrapped in areas with an insulated tape to keep them from "sweating" over the pool table.

More tape-covered pipes...

Rodney always comes prepared. He did his homework (as usual), mapping out all of the routes and pieces necessary to complete the job.

Meter box with the new shutoff valve and beginning of the CPVC installed.

Some excellent handy-work: T-joints, valves and 45 degree angles installed perfectly.

Good stuff. "M&R Plumbing" just might have a future!

New copper piping leading up to the kitchen for our new faucet (which we purchased this weekend).

Needless to say, our water pressure is much improved, and it even tastes better! Keep an eye open for updates on the kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and sink this week...


Anonymous said...

Do you guys want one of those hook on water filters for your kitchen sink? Kel

TulaneRehab said...

We actually have one already. Unfortunately the new faucet we bought won't accommodate it because the spout also acts as a hand-held sprayer. I think we're just going to buy a Britta for the fridge. Thanks though!