Friday, July 25, 2008

To Mitch Hedberg...

I have to be honest - these pictures are not current. These were taken a couple weeks ago and now I'm just backtracking and scrambling to get as many photos up as possible. The reason? I think it is important to show the progression of the transformation. As Mitch Hedberg (a comedian) once said, "You always see the 'Before' and 'After' photos. Where are the 'During' photos? I'd like to see those..."

Here's to you Mitch:

The ceiling pieces peel off in large sections if you soak them long enough. It probably helped that there was only one layer on the ceiling.

(Note to self: Get the ceiling started and let gravity do the work.)

It's really not this fun - I promise.

Here's what the plaster walls look like after you get through three layers of wallpaper.

The yellow discoloration is mostly old paste. We eventually washed the walls to get rid of 80% of this.

Slowly, but surely.

Hi mom.

Finally making some noticeable progress...

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