Monday, July 14, 2008

Finding Our Home

Hello everyone, and thanks for checking out our little piece of the web. This site will catalog the renovation of our new home on East Tulane Road in Clintonville (Columbus), Ohio.

First off, big thanks to our friend Stacey for finding us our first home. Stacey has lived in the Clintonville area for almost a year now and is an avid runner. Luckily, East Tulane Road is one of the streets she frequents. One morning at work, she mentioned that she ran by "a cute Cape-style house" the night before, that it was For Sale by Owner, and that we should check it out.

So we did.

We drove by the house to take a look, called the phone number on the sign, and set up an appointment to see the inside. Jim and Charlene (the previous homeowners) showed us through the property on a Friday, and we made an offer the following Tuesday. And the rest, they say, is history... [NOTE: There was a bit more that went into the eventual purchase of the property, but for the sake of time and space - we'll save that for another time.]

So we'll start our journey at the beginning... with the BEFORE PHOTOS. Click here to enjoy.

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