Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Second Official Visitor

Only 9 more days until my sister gets in from Germany! There are also 9 days until Spring Break, which makes me (and my students) VERY happy. The spare bedroom is finished for the most part. We still need to add details (drawer handles, artwork, decor), but it came together really nice. As my brother-in-law put it - cozy. Although we went with grey walls, it does in fact feel cozy! Here are the most recent pics.

We put a postcard from my sister from Koln (or Cologne) in a frame - makes it cozy :)


The dining room is on its way as well. Matt put the finishing touches on the purple walls tonight and his mom is coming over on Saturday to put up wallpaper on one of the dining room walls. Yes, you did hear that correct. We decided to do ONE wall of wallpaper, despite the fact that we took THREE layers of the stuff off the wall :) Here are the most recent pics. It looks a lot more purply in the pictures - it's much darker in person.

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TMetzner said...

Definitely very "cozy" thanks again for letting us crash a few weeks ago AND for the ride back and forth from the airport - sorry we couldn't visit w/ you longer!